The Spoon Theory

Back in October I had a wonderful day at the races with family and friends. It was an exciting day for me as I have been particularly unwell these last 6 months and have had to cancel on friends and family a number of times at the very last minute due to my health.

I spent most of the day catching up on the news with everyone. I sat and spoke with my stepsister Stephanie for a long about my health as she really wanted to understand how if affects me on a daily basis and the sort of issues I am facing.

For me its very difficult to put into words my personal experience of CF, on the one hand I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, I love my life its filled with wonderful friends and family and many great experiences, but on the other I do want them to understand the illness and the challenges people with CF face. I guess this has been the impetus for this blog, a platform for everything CF and a few personal bits as well!

I came across this video while reading another CF blog. It really resonated with me, as my experience of CF is that it creeps into your life ever so slowly, invading every aspect of your existence. You have to work hard to keep it at bay physically and mentally; it’s relentless in its attempt to pull you down. CF is my hidden enemy I’m always trying to outsmart, sometimes I get it right and sometime I don’t. I have won many battles over the years, but I know I can never win the war!

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